YARMAN INTERNATIONAL company is in the business field of fresh produce fruits & vegetables and 100% Natural Fruit Juice business.


YARMAN family has stated in 1989 the first big scale pomegranate plantation in the region of Çukurova. In addition to pomegranate, we have been the grower of peach, nectarine, Japanese plum fruits’ different varieties and vegetables types’ with our expert agricultural engineers since 2000.

We also supply from our other contracted farmers. Our selective supply period starts with the flowering season of the fruits and our technical crew controls the whole growing and the harvest period of the fruits. By this way, we develop the right quality, but also follow up the GLOBAL GAP applications are done in line with the standards as it should be.

In the light of our experiences as the grower and the exporter, we get the desired quality by packing the products what we have nurtured with the inspections of our quality control experts. At the end, we send these finely selected fruits and vegetables to our domestic and global customers.

We are more than happy to say that healthy production and distribution know how of ours in the area of fresh produce has started to serve to our customers in the field of 100% Natural Fruit Juice and 100% Natural Pomegranate Syrup in the global market.

Life is more beautiful when you taste the natural!